Devlog [02.01.23]

Sindonic - Feb 1st 2023 09:05

Hello, Sprouts

The Admins are back from their break and backlog work has resumed. As our first order of business we are starting like we do every February by reviewing our rules and FAQ. This update is an initial pass of sections we needed urgently. We will be releasing a more comprehensive update later, this is just a mini update.

General things we will focus on first.

  • Archive the outdated FAQ and move information to their proper pages (Q&A will stay)
  • Rename World of to Kingdoms of (KoG) we will be phasing out all references to WG
  • Revisiting and updating the rules, clarify our Strike and ban policy and its explanation
  • Adding flavor text to all items and updating some of the art/text.
  • Add Avatar/Art rules to the rules 7 section Art and avatars. (This can only be found in the submission box for avatars currently and also needs an update)

Rule Changes:

New Rule added to 5. Art Rules - Today

5.4 Visual Modifiers & Perks

Visual Modifiers refers to:

Gene colors

If a Griffian is participating in Official Activities, visual modifiers must be unlocked on the Masterlist to be approved. If users draw characters showing visual modifiers they have not unlocked, they may be declined. 

Account Support Changes:
Manual Companion Love item Approval closed - Today
The Manual Love Petal Companion comment has been closed, anyone that was denied has been informed they have 24 hours to make fixes. From today on, all Love Petal Approvals now go through the Love Approval page. The new tiers are now live.

Manual Porting Merge with Old Dye Removals- Today
Dye Removal and Manual Porting have been combined in Account Support since they are the same. This was done to clarify to those who wish to remove old dye usage and designs that this is now only possible through manual porting.

Dye Usage or Design Approval? - Today
Section 7  of the rules has been updated. 

Dye Usage name changes:
From today forward we will officially be referring to Dye Approval/usages as Design Approval. We will be phasing the old terminology out of our site completely. Additionally we have made important changes to the Design Approval Form and Page. (url  tba to be changed)

Important changes:
Everyone now has to agree that any design added to a masterlist via Design Approval, now requires the item user to agree to our Design Approval TOS;  Section 7 of the rules. Since the TOS will be added as of today this means the following. All characters approved from this point forward are uploaded in the new system and these designs can never be deleted from the Griffians. Users can remove any design put in for approval before February 1st, 2023 from the WorldofGriffia forever as long as they still own the character they are requesting the removal of. See Manual Porting for more details on this topic. 

Changes to Soulbond Bonus -Today
We have made changes to rewards with Soulbond bonus. This change includes Magic Familiar gifts. This is to close a reward loophole and make automation of this function less complicated.

Note: Keep in mind that prizes and gifts collected for another user, goes into the owner of the characters inventory and not the user that completes the art on their behalf. (ex: magic familiar gifts, token bundles, game prizes etc..)

Note: Keep in mind that prizes and gifts collected for another user, goes into the inventory of the user/user's character that completes the art on their behalf. ( ex: magic familiar gifts, token bundles, game prizes, etc.)


Love Item Approval Change - Today
By popular request! Automatic Mutations can be used on Love Approval for both Griffolk and Companions. If the Mutation allows free color you can make this color different from the Gene Color on your approval artwork. If you are unsure just make it the same as the Gene Color.

Added Approved Art Exchanges - Soon
This is a feature that allows users to submit new art for approved designs they want to update. Approved Designs cannot be removed, only hidden. They can however have art updated at any time if old artwork is no longer to one's liking. This section is where users can exchange artwork featured in the Design Approval Section. New art must match the previous design exactly. The purpose of this section is not for making design edits - for Design edits report to - Design Approval. This new section will be hosted in Account Support

ATR - Art To adopt - Soon

The ATR or Art to Adopt page has had a revamp and has been simplified. From now on this activity will require users to draw NPC’s instead of the character up for adoption. There is a new item that users will receive as well. This page should be getting its first character added soon! Each month a character will appear in the first week of the month.