Devlog [03.17.23]

Sindonic - Mar 17th 2023 07:00


Hello, Sprouts! 

Before you continue there is nothing dropping today. It is us just addressing our feedback and progress. We are sort of behind this month.

It has been a busy two months for us personally. We have all been catching up in real life with important appointments and obligations. We are still in the process of editing out typos on the site. We have completed correcting all the pages featured in the Home Tab and some in the Games Tab. Users should be aware that we will not do a grammar or typo pass in the Lore Tab because out of all pages on the site - the lore pages need the most work and will likely be completely overhauled visually this year and next year. It is easier for us to do those updates all at once if we decide to add more details to the stories we have already written. Which means we would have to re-work the text twice. 

We are currently focusing on: Typos, cleaning what we have, clarifying text, clarifying confusing phrases and rules, unifying rules, creating guides, and creating simple assets we know are missing (headers, full arts, temp buttons) on our current We are sure users can see we have really eliminated a lot here. There are currently too many small projects for us to give users a broad over-arching theme of where we are going other than tying up loose ends. However, as always, we want to be as transparent as possible - users have been waiting for a while for a new goal list.

So, we discussed it, and instead, we will focus and complete what we can without the programmer on the Current Dev Project list; when we are ready, we will amend this page with all our next projects and call it “Phase 2”. We appreciate Sprout's patience and understanding with us during this phase of correcting and moving so much we haven’t been able to communicate our progress as well as we usually do. We are also aware these aren’t the most “exciting updates,” but we assure users that it is time we spent quality time repairing some of these pages, which still have formatting from when we were hosting on DeviantART Journals.

Additionally! Users should be excited to know that semi-automated approvals are well on their way development-wise. We still do not have an ETA, but we are very pleased with the progress, and the coding is going smoothly. Now onto some other stuff!



Many Smols recently had name and art changes. Some themes will absolutely be returning in Generation 2, but instead under new categories or types. If you are collecting Smols for a specific theme and these changes affect you and your collection, you can have them changed for free in errors on the Contact Page as soon as Gen 2 is released.

Onto the update itself, Smols have never had a purpose for players, but they have always been intended to have a purpose and a game mechanic attached. Originally they were meant to be captured to gain bigger and better Smols, but this was our 2017 vision, and as time passed, our vision for them changed into something else which would require us to categorize them. We have made several unsuccessful attempts to organize the Smols since 2017. We knew Gen 2 and other successive Generations were planned, and working on those Generations knowing there was no organization, was not easy.

We have encountered this issue several times with our old content. We experience a roadblock in development, where our previous lack of foresight and experience has led us to make choices that negatively impact our ability to continue. The solution is always to do our best to remove issues that we absolutely know will cause domino effects. Then once removed, we re-add what we can when we can. We know this isn’t satisfactory, and we are sorry and take accountability for our previous lack of perspective; we know users collected some of the Smols. We want to say that we are happy that Smols are this well-liked and will continue to do our best.

To be transparent, we have included a list of Smols we know are returning. If a Smol is not listed here, it was likely removed because we knew we could not incorporate it into our future plans. Users can still suggest Smols in our feedback box.

Smol Themes returning for Gen 2:
Muffin - Caprian Smol ( several former Smols had this theme included)
Rose - Fluffian Smol (Formerly Rose Gold Selenian)
Bubble - Novian  (Formerly bubblegum Beanian)
Twinkle - Caprian Smol (Formerly Beanian)
Coral - Fluffian Smol (Formerly Caprian)
Knife - Beanian Smol (Formerly Kiiniph Caprian)
Sakura - Fluffian Smol (Formerly Caprian)
Cryptid - Caprian Smol (Formerly Fluffian)
Magic - Caprian Smol (Formerly Magiik Fluffian)
Grass - Beanian Smol (Formerly Selenian)
Lizard - Fluffian Smol (Formerly Selenian)
Snow - Novian Smol (Formerly Selenian)
Urchin - Fluffian Smol (Formerly Selenian)

Smol Organization List
All Smols can have Griffia or Event-themed item names. Each generation will contain at least one event set and one made-up word that fits the Griffia Universe.

Beanian Smols - Items and Plants (plant parts)
Caprian Smols - Food and Abstract
Fluffian Smols - Flowers and Animals (flower and animal parts)
Selenian Smols - Minerals and Environments (places, planets, biomes)
Novian Smols - Space and Time (weather, seasons, things floating through air)

The Status Berry Smol Set was changed to fit their locations and lore better. Because of this, the look of the old Charmed Selenian Smol is being reused in Gen 2 as the Star Selenian Smol to accommodate users who liked them. If you saved up some Charmed Beanian Smols, you can exchange it when it is released through errors.



Addition / Changes

Rules - Specifications for which elements do not contribute to a Background with Depth. Has been listed in the Art Rules: Section 5 (Rule 5.2). 

Rules - Specification that Griffolk turning in Souldbond Trial, cannot collect Magic Familiar Gifts(again) if they already have a diploma for it. This is now specified on the soulbond trial page. This goes into effect today because this was an unintentional loophole that was never meant to exist. 

New Comment - Soulbonding approval comment. If both Griffians have the Soulbond Diploma/ribbon, they no longer have to go through the trial approval. Users can connect them in the new approval comment that is currently manual approval. This will be repaired when the relationship system is overhauled. 

Items/System - All Items have received missing flavor and text. Some items received new art and names in preparation for future systems.
Item - Rootalp Ash Plushie.
Item - Selena Plushie.

Perk - Poison has been added to Mascots and to all existing Mascots.

Navigation - Several pages on the ARPG tab have received ARPG/ in the slug so that the tab lights up properly when users navigate that tab.

Page - Design approval slug[url] has changed from dyeusage to designapproval.



- Went over all pages and fixed many typos (not grammar or formatting still to be done) - Exception: Griffolk, Companion, and Lore Pages.
- All Feedback up to date has been read and considered.